Windows and Doors

Over time, windows and doors can succumb to rot and decay, which can really detract from a home's appeal. Investing in a new set could breathe new life into your property. 


STC Carpentry can create durable, attractive, made-to-measure windows and doors to complement any home. If you loved the style of your old fittings, we can sympathetically recreate them, crafting brand new windows and doors that preserve the charm and character of the original installations. However, if you'd like to start afresh and put your own stamp on your home, we can create a brand new design, tailored to your specifications.


With STC Carpentry, you'll have a wide choice of materials and finishes, allowing you to create the desired look for your home. Whether you have a modern box, oval or traditional sash windows in mind we can bring your plans to life. Doors to match any design taste can be custom made by our time served tradesmen.


When it comes to windows and doors, we're among the best in Essex for craftsmanship, design and value for money. To find out how we can help with your requirements, get in touch with us today.